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Amko Soft Technologies

We've proven our methodology time after time, over years of IT projects. We've applied it to data warehouses and data marts, application integration, ERP Application information portals, web solutions. We've used it to build robust, resilient solutions that meet the business needs of sales, marketing, finance, and manufacturing organizations. We've used it in the expansive, rocket-paced world, and we're succeeding in the cost-conscious, streamlined, customer-centric environment of today's economy. We've found that it works across industries. And there's every reason to believe that it will deliver for you, too..

Our ApproachOur Approach

The objectives of our structured approach are as follows. Provide the most effective and efficient solution to the Client’s problem Incorporate the most advanced technology available on date in the solution with a primary focus on cost reduction in Client’s operations through optimal Business-Process-re-engineering Reduce overall time required for computerization Confine the overall costs of computerization to the minimum Provide the most user-friendly Graphic User Interface to overcome...Read More

Amko Soft Technologies
PeopleSoft ServicesPeopleSoft Services

AmkoSoft has demonstrated expertise in managing complex PeopleSoft environments. In providing diverse services, we have ensured a high level of customer satisfaction and gained several clients who can vouch for our ability to deliver.Our expertise helps organizations realize the promised ROIs from PeopleSoft applications..Read More

An End-to-End OfferingAn End-to-End Offering

AMKO combines business and technology services. Which means you can turn to us for IT services enriched by business insight. Or business services informed by IT expertise or both. In any case, you’re assured of getting complete solutions that give you a strong return on your investment..Read More


April 2017

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June 2015

Data Architect

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